Lesson Study Group at Mills College


Lesson Study Workshop Handouts

  • Sample Agenda Lesson Study Workshop- Includes suggested time frame, subjects, activities and goals for a one day workshop or longer.

  • Lesson Study Cycle Flow chart outlines the essential elements of the Lesson Study cycle.

  • Choose A Theme Worksheet to consider long-term goals to develop an overarching theme for Lesson Study.

  • Idea Map - blank Empty framework map for completion to help examine a research focus.

  • Idea Map A completed example of the framework map above.

  • Brief Guide A brief guide to Lesson Study taken from the book 'Lesson Study: A Handbook for Teacher-Led Improvement of Instruction'.

  • Reflection Form Open-ended evaluation form for Lesson Study workshop.

  • Sample Evaluation Form Detailed evaluation form for workshop.

  • Triangle Worksheet This sheet highlights a mathematics problem studied by a group of Lesson Study practitioners; it will be used in some workshops.

Powerpoint Presentations

You will need to have Powerpoint to view this file or you can download a Powerpoint viewer. (Drop the powerpoint presentation file into the viewer to activate).


More student worksheets, lesson plans, and board charts can be found under Lesson Plans.